Friedrich Gulda: Mozart for the People:
Vol.1 and Vol. 2

These two programmes were recorded live from the Amerikahaus, Munich. In Vol. 1, Gulda plays Mozart's Sonata No. 4 in E flat K282, and Sonata No. 9 in D K311. In Vol. 2, he plays Mozart's Sonata No.12 in F K332, Sonata No.14 in C minor K457 andFantasia in C minor K475.
Directed by János Darvas - 35/58'

Friedrich Gulda: Mostly Mozart
One of today's foremost Mozart interpreters, pianist Friedrich Gulda plays an all-Mozart concert. The programme includes the Fantasia in D minor K397, Piano Sonata No.12 in F K332, Fantasia in C minor K475 and Piano Sonata No. 14 in C minor K457.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 56'

Friedrich Gulda: Mozart Piano Sonatas
Gulda's mastery of the classical repertoire is demonstrated as he plays a programme of Mozart sonatas, including, among others, K333, K397 and K576.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 60'

Friedrich Gulda: Solo Flight
In a live recording from the Amerikahaus, Munich, Gulda reveals the versatility of his keyboard playing. On the clavichord he plays three preludes and fugues from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier; on the piano, his own re-working of Schubert's Der Wanderer, ending with Debussy's Reflects dans l'eau and a selection of his own compositions.
Directed by János Darvas - 56'

Gulda Nonstop
Austrian piano virtuoso, Friedrich Gulda gives a comprehensive account of his unique art in an uninterrupted ninety-minute solo performance, which was recorded live at the Munich Philharmonie. His programme of eighteen pieces included works by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Chopin, Johann Strauss, and his own compositions.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 92'
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Paul Gulda, Roland Batik and Marina Milic: Piano Concert
Recorded live at the Münchner Klaviersommer, Marina Milic plays Liszt's working of Bach's Prelude and Fugue in A minor, Scriabin's Sonata No. 4 in F sharp and Andante Op.2 No.3, Capricioso Op.8, No. 5 and Patetico Op.8, No. 12; Roland Batik plays his own improvisational piece, Question Mark. Batik and Paul Gulda play a duet of Ravel's La Valse.
Directed by János Darvas - 47'

Concert Wilfried Hiller
The concert took place at the Carl-Orff_Saal of the Philharmonie München. Performed were seletions from signifikant works by Wilfried Hiller, namely Lilith, Liebeslieder from „Schulamit“, Chagall-Zyklus I, Traumlied
der Zeipoth from „Der Gogglori“ Elisabeth Woska (speaker) and Jörg Widmann (cl.) and „Hamelin“ from „Der Rattenfänger“.
The cast: Silke Avenhaus, p., Regina Klepper, soprano, Adel Shalaby, perc., Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie under Michael Helmrath.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 193’

Peter Michael Hamel Concert
The composer Peter Michael Hamel was celebrating his 50th anniversary 15. July 1987 with a concert in Munich, that was dedicated to chamber music on one side and improvisation on the other. Hamel himsel performed on a prepared pianotogether with the group „Embryo“. Besides played in the concert Christiane Edinger, violin, Irmela Nolte, flute, Sabine Liebner, piano and the marimba interpreter Edith Salmen. Besides improvised music the programme was composed of „Tagtraum“ for alto flute (1979), „Aus Claras Tagebuch“ for violin and piano (1987), „Ballade“ for marimba and „Morton Feldman in My Life“ (1994)
Directed by Dieter Hens – 111’

Akira Imai: Contemporary Japanese Piano Music
In this live concert recording, Imai gives a programme made up entirely of works by contemporary Japanese composers: Makoto Moroi, Mutsuo Shishido, Akira Miyoshi, Michio Mamiya and Akio Yashiro.
Directed by János Darvas - 48'

Lang Lang - Carnegie Hall Debut
Throughout its long and rich history New York's Carnegie Hall and great pianism have been synonymous. Lang Lang's Carnegie Hall debut on 7 November 2003 seems to be an event of similar importance. Although Lang Lang had barely celebrated his 21st birthday at the time of this concert, his portfolio already boasts an impressive array of high-profile, international appearances. Given Lang Lang's swift and steady ascent, one can easily imagine the inevitable pressure on this young artist to deliver the goods in the face of increased scrutiny from colleagues and critics. As it happens, he handles the limelight with confidence and consummate grace.
Directed by Benedict Mirow – 60’/42’

Lang Lang in China – The concert at the Beijing Conservatory
Lang Lang, the phenomenal pianist from China, never forgot his native land. Having made a great career in the west, he now returns to China and plays a concert completely dedicated to Chinese music. It is recorded at the conservatory of Beijing where he had studied. His partners are outstanding musicians from all over China who have joined here for this recording. A special feature of this recording is that Lang Lang gives a short introduction to each of the compositions that are played.
Directed by Benedict Mirow – 60’

David Lively: From the Art of Fugue
This live recording, made in the Herkulessaal in Munich, David Lively plays excerpts from Bach's Art of Fugue.
Directed by János Darvas - 25'

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