Hilary Hahn - A Portrait
Music experts have called Hilary Hahn a "talent of the century"- and there is no doubt that she is one of the 21st century's classical music icons. The young violinist jets from one concert to the next in the metropolises of the world with the professionalism and self-possession of a pop star. Anyone wishing to make a portrait of Hilary Hahn can only do so on the go. We accompany the artist on her travels, which include stops at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Berlin Philharmonie and the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. An intimate portrait emerges, of a cosmopolitan young woman who is able to fill well-known classical works with a new intensity that is also fascinating for young audiences.
Directed by Benedict Mirow – 58’

Peter Michael Hamel – A Portrait
During the 1997 Münchner Klaviersommer, a concert marked the occasion of composer Peter Michael Hamel's fiftieth birthday. It featured performances of four of his chamber compositions and Hamel himself playing a persuasive fusion of contemporary, jazz, rock, and ethnic styles with Embryo, a group of musicians with whom he often works. Combining extracts from the concert and an interview with Hamel, this programme introduces his work.
Directed by Oliver Becker – 55'

Wilfried Hiller
Wilfried Hiller composed two of the most successful German-language operas of the post-war period, Der Goggolori and Das Traumfresserchen. He talks in interview in this programme, which also includes documentary material on his life and music. It features highlights of a concert of his work given during the Münchner Klaviersommer. Among the extracts are several from the major compositions he wrote in collaboration with the well-known novelist Michael Ende. Michael Helmrath conducts the Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie and a host of soloists.
Directed by Dieter Hens (concert)and Georges Gachot (documentary) - 60'

Wilhelm Killmayer
In this programme, the German composer Wilhelm Killmayer introduces his music and plays some examples of his work on piano. Performances by leading soloists Kim Kashkashian (viola), Thomas Zehetmair (violin), Boris Pergamenschikov ('cello), Siegfried Mauser (piano) and Ulrike Sonntag (soprano) are also included, together with footage of one of Killmayer's chamber music pieces in rehearsal and other extracts from concert recordings.
Directed by Georges Gachot - 59'

Enchantment from China - The Pianist Lang Lang
Celebrated in all the music capitals of the world, the young Chinese pianist Lang Lang has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to connect with audiences on a deeply personal level and has established himself one of the most exciting and moving pianists of our time. His talent is matched by his ebullient personality, making him an ideal ambassador for classical music and a role model for young people. This portrait shows his life from the beginning of his piano studies in China at the age of three until his debut at Carnegie Hall in New York in November 2003.
Directed by Benedict Mirow – 25’

Eduard Mörike - Between Abyss and Idyll
A portrait on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Eduard Mörike. Scenes fron the life of the poet are being enacted by the actor Bernhard Hurm.
Directed by Christoph Ammon – 60’

Kent Nagano – Seeking New Shores
The duality of opera and symphonics, which began with Nagano's simultaneous direction of the opera of Lyon and of the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester and which saw its continuation in the opera of Los Angeles and the German Symphony Orchestra in Berlin, is of vital importance to Nagano's self-image ("I simply cannot image the one without the other"). This duality is the dramaturgical focus of this portrait. As of the 2006/2007 season, Nagano is appointed General Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich as well as chief conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. A cosmopolite of great promise to 21st century classical music.
Directed by Oliver Becker – 60’

Pianist. Professor. Pilot. – Close-up Gerhard Oppitz
This documentary sets out in search of clues to the classical piano tradition in Germany. Guided by the professional explanations of Joachim Kaiser, it deals with the tradition’s stylistic and artistic characteristics. Gerhard Oppitz, “the great silent master from Munich”, is a worthy representative. With Wilhelm Kempff he learnt to understand playing the piano as philosophizing with notes. His teacher became his mentor, and the relationship between teacher and student finally turned into a great friendship. In the centre of this essay is Johannes Brahms, who like no other German composer linked classicism and romanticism, even leaping into modern styles.
Directed by Michael Beyer – 44

Hilary Hahn
Kent Nagano

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