Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin „We Play“ - Documentary on a musical friendship
The two heroes of jazz have been close friends for many years. The portrait demonstrates this "artists´ friendship" in a sophisticated yet entertaining form. Recordings of several concerts and interviews in Munich and Verbier are a vivid attestation of this creative co-operation, which have made their performances to unforgettable events. Encounters with Evgeny Kissin, Avishai Cohen, Jeff Ballard and other personalities provide the film with surprising and enlightening additional highlights.
Directed by Bettina Erhardt – 60’

Ross Daly – The Circle at the Crossroads
Ross Daly is one of the most outstanding protagonists of oriental music styles. Born in England in 1952, being Irish, he came under the spell of oriental modal music in the 60s in San Francisco. He travelled Central Asia and the Near and Middle East, until he was lured to the Greek island of Crete by its main instrument, the lyre. Ross Daly has now been in Greece for 24 years. Today he lives in Athens where he leads the “Lavirinthos” (“labyrinth”) music workshop. A multi-instrumentalist of rare talent, he describes himself as a composer of “contemporary modal music”. The particular features of modal music, its instruments, and its spiritual dimension, the clash of tradition and individuality, the island of Crete, and “Lavirinthos”. These focal points of Daly’s development are featured along a leitmotiv, given to the film by an old Cretan legend, namely the story of the crossroads.Directed by René Pandis and Wil Boettger – 60

„Kein Herr vom anderen Stern“ - For the 100th Birthday of the Composer Werner Egk
He was an man of the stage, who enjoyed sensational success with the world premiere of his „Zaubergeige“ in 1935: the Orff student Werner Egk. His 100th birthday kindels new interest in the many-sided oeuvre of this bavarian Swabian, whose name mainly connects to the cultural-political scandal around his Faust-Ballet „Abraxas“ in 1948. Thus for the anniversary a Suite from Egk‘s film music was performed, composed for the movie with Heinz Rühmann „Der Herr vom anderen Stern“, which shows the more entertaining aspect of the composer. The recording of the concert from the Münchner Gasteig constitutes the second part of the film, before that the life, work and impact of Egk is shown in historical documents and talks with contemporaries - among others the Egk conductors Wolfgang Sawallisch and Karl Arnold Rickenbacher as well as the GEMA general director Reinhold Kreile can be heard. It‘s noticeable that Werner Egk was justly „Kein Mensch vom anderen Stern“ (No Man from a Different Star), as far as his style of composition as well as his rather pragmatic relationship to the Third Reich is concerend.
Directed by Benedict Mirow – 43’
Matthias Goerne
The young German baritone Matthias Goerne has won international critical acclaim for his outstanding song recitals, and as an opera and oratorio singer. He is in demand in all the major musical centres around the world. Filmed over the period of a year, this documentary follows him on a busy round of engagements to New York's Carnegie Hall, the Vienna Konzerthaus, the Zürich Opera, and to Salzburg. He is seen working on and performing music by Schubert, Schumann, Bach, Berg and Mozart, with colleagues including Alfred Brendel, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Roger Norrington, Peter Mussbach and Christoph von Dohnányi. Goerne talks in interview about his life and his career and several renowned artists also give an insight into his musical gift.
Directed by Sabine Scharnagl – 45' - 16:9 Widescreen

Friedrich Gulda
The Austrian pianist and compopser Friedrich Gulda has gained international recognition for both his classical and jazz performances. This portrait features a relaxed and wide-ranging interview with Joachim Kaiser, illustrated with music extracts.
Directed by Claus Viller/Herbert
Fuchs/János Darvas - 57'

Friedrich Gulda „So What?!“
This LOFT production was co-produced with the BR and ORF and is a comprehensive portrait of Friedrich Gulda, pianist of the century and „enfant terrible“ of the classical music establishment. We have interwoven archive material dating from his earliest youth right up to his last months into an overall picture, which can rightly be regarded as a worthy legacy of this „scandalous“ character of the music world. Respecting Gulda’s ban on a public obituary, we have entirely abstained from any off-commentaries. The entire narration of the portrait originates from Friedrich Gulda, either from himself directly, or narrated by his „alter ego“ Ulrich Mühe. Simply a „must“ for all those wishing to experience the last „enfant terrible“ of the classical music establishment in all his facets.
Directed by Benedict Mirow - 58´30´´

Enoch zu Guttenberg - moved – moving
Enoch zu Guttenberg is considered an outstanding interpreter of great oratorios and symphonic works between the baroque and late-romantic periods. He has developed his unique style by consistently succeeding in uniting opposites: elements of historical performance practice on the one hand; modern, vital forms of expression on the other. His success is also based on his long years of work with the Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern, which he became acquainted with almost 40 years ago when they were a rural “Liedertafel” and which he transformed into a world-class ensemble, as well as his cooperation with the KlangVerwaltung Orchestra, which he co-founded in 1997. Since 1999 Enoch zu Guttenberg has been art director of the international Herrenchiemsee Festival.
Directed by Angelika Lizius – 60’

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Friedrich Gulda
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