Chick Corea and Nicolas Economou: On Two Pianos
This live recording begins with Corea's suite entitled Homecoming, played by both pianists and continues with six pieces from Bartók's Mikrokosmos. Another Corea piece follows - Duet for Two Pianos in Three Parts.
Directed by János Darvas - 63'

Chick Corea and Nicolas Economou: Songs for Children
Recorded in the Amerikahaus in Munich, this concert features the acclaimed jazz pianist Chick Corea and the late Cypriot piano virtuoso Nicolas Economou. Both musicians are accomplished composers and they give solo performances of their own work, with Corea playing his Children's Songs and Economou his Études for Children. The pianists then join each other on stage to perform Chick Corea's Duet for Two Pianos in Three Parts.
Directed by János Darvas - 53'

Corea, Gulda and Economou: Trio
A concert by these acclaimed pianists, each from widely differing piano disciplines, features them improvising together. Solo performances punctuate the concert.
Directed by János Darvas - 30'

Friedrich Gulda and Limpe Fuchs: Consonanza Personale
In this concert, recorded live at the Munich Philharmonie, pianist Friedrich Gulda is joined by Limpe Fuchs, who plays various instruments, including piano, several types of flute, percussion and stringed instruments. Gulda and Fuchs play a selection of their own compositions and improvisations in a meditative atmosphere.
Directed by János Darvas - 29'

Friedrich Gulda: Chopin and Beyond
This programme brings together Gulda's Chopin recital, Pour ma douce, and a performance by Gulda and Limpe Fuchs, entitled Consonanza Personale (see above), in which they play a selection of their own compositions and improvisations.
Directed by János Darvas - 69'
Friedrich Gulda: Preview of Things To Come
Recorded live from the Philharmonie, Munich, this unusual concert features Agnes Baltsa singing Mozart's concert aria 'Ch'io mi scordi di te. Non temer amato bene' K505. Her performance is followed by extracts from Gulda's Preview of Things To Come featuring the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, Baltsa and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate. The work is interspersed with explanation and narrative by Gulda, who conducts.
Directed by Hugo Käch - 60'

Friedrich Gulda and Herbie Hancock: Piano Solo and Duet
Recorded at the Munich Philharmonie, this programme features performances of Mozart's Piano Sonata in B flat Major K333 and a selection from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier by Gulda, who also plays some of his own compositions. He is joined by Herbie Hancock for the jazz standards Night and Day and All Blues.
Directed by Georg Wübbolt - 69'

Friedrich Gulda and the Paradise Trio
In this live concert recording, Gulda is joined by Barbara Dennerlein (organ), Harry Sokal (saxophone) and Jojo Mayer (drums), for a set featuring jazz standards and improvisations.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 44'

Friedrich Gulda and the Paradise Party
Gulda and the Paradise Trio team up with Vertigo, a techno-DJ, for a wild musical experiment, creating jazz-techno fusion live on stage. Dancers - Gulda's Paradise Girls - add to the excitement of the event and no one in the house is left in their seat.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 29'

A Night with Friedrich Gulda
This programme is a compilation of extracts drawn from three concerts featuring Friedrich Gulda, a master of many different piano styles. He is seen performing Mozart sonatas, playing jazz with The Paradise Trio - Barbara Dennerlein (organ), Harry Sokal (saxophone) and Jojo Mayer (drums) - and teaming up with the trio and a techno-DJ for The Paradise Party.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 85'

Friedrich Gulda: Piano Solo
This solo performance is the first occasion on which Gulda linked together in a concert notated classical music, improvised music and his own compositions. The live recording from the Kongressaal, Munich opens with Mozart's Piano Sonata in C K330, which develops out of Gulda's own beautifully inspired introduction.
Directed by János Darvas - 44'

Friedrich Gulda and Agnes Baltsa

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