Daniel Kramer: Jazz Piano
A leading figure on the Russian jazz scene, pianist Daniel Kramer has established an international reputation. This solo performance of standards and improvisations was recorded live during the Münchner Klaviersommer. Kramer gives a virtuoso display of piano playing.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 63'

The Cornelius Claudio Kreusch/ Bobby Watson Quartet
The German pianist Cornelius Claudio Kreusch is one of the most important new jazz discoveries of recent years. His music is a unique fusion of the boiling mix of funk, jazz and Afro to be found in New York's maze of cultures. This concert features several numbers from his recent album Scoop, made with his band BlackMudSound. It was recorded during the Münchner Klaviersommer at the Bayerischer Hof Night Club.
Directed by Dieter Hens – 114'

Joachim Kühn in Concert
Joachim Kühn is a musician with an extraordinary stylistic range. This solo concert Kühn gave during the 1999 Münchner Klaviersommer demonstrated his unique virtuosity and generated extraordinary excitement.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 70' – 16:9 Widescreen

Homage to John Lewis
Pianist John Lewis, co-founder and long-time leader of the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet made jazz history with the group. His ability to blend classical forms with jazz improvisations makes his the kind of music that transcends all barriers. After MJQ disbanded, John Lewis continued to work with other musicians and as a solo pianist. This recording, made under studio conditions, features a solo performance by Lewis.
Directed by Dieter Hens – 60' (concert)16:9 Widescreen

Lounge Lizards Quintet
A live concert from the Alabama Hall in Munich featuring the famous Lounge Lizards Quintet, with John Lurie (alto saxophone), Evan Lurie (piano), Peter Zummo (trombone), Tony Garnier (bass) and Dougie Bowne ( percussion).
Directed by Anne-Marie Bornheimer - 59'

Herbie Mann's Jasil Brazz
Herbie Mann was one of the first jazz musicians to incorporate the sounds of South America into his music. Flautist Mann plays with Marc Cohen (piano), Romero Lubambo (guitar), Paul Socolow (bass), Ricky Sebastian (percussion) and Cyro Baptista (percussion), in this live recording.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 74'

Manhattan Transfer
This American vocal group was founded 1972 by Tim Hauser (bass; *1941 in New York, he died in 2014), with Laurel Massé (soprano; *1951 in Michigan), Alan Paul (tenor; *1949 in New Jersey) and Jans Siegel (alto; *1952 in Brooklyn). The quartet made music history when in 1981 they got a Grammy for Jazz as well as for Pop Music.
Directed by Dieter Hens - 111’

Branford Marsalis Quartet
This concert took place at the Munich Philharmonie at the Klaviersommer 1990. Next to Branford Marsalis played Kenny Kirkland (p), Robert Hurst (b) and Jeff „Tain“ Watts (dr).
Directed by Dieter Hens –70’

Wynton Marsalis Septet
The final concert during the Münchner Klaviersommer 1992 in the sold-out Philharmonie was given by Wynton Marsalis and his septet. The only 31 years young star trumpet player presented one of his own jazz suite under the title of „In This House, On This Morning“. Every style of jazz in composition and improvisation were covered. It‘s a masterly arrangement with small and grand forms. The musicians around Marsalis were Wes Anderson (as), Wycliffe Gordon (tb) Reginald Veal (b), Herlin Riley (dr), Todd Williams (ts) and Eric Reed (p).
Directed by Dieter Hens – 116’
Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
During the Münchner Klaviersommer 1995 the LCJO was recorded for the first time for German televison at the Philharmonie. The program is dedicated to the masters of jazz Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk and Charlie Mingus. The orchestra as well as its leader are known to render all styles authentically and with virtuosity. The 18 musicians of the bigband present their aptitude in convincing manner.
Directed by Dieter Hens –100’

Bobby McFerrin Solo
The most famous vocalist worldwide had a much acclaimed solo performance at the Münchner Klaviersommer 1988 at the Philharmonie. The set closed with a duet on the theme of „Round Midnight“ together with Herbie Hancock.
Directed by Janos Darvas – 40’

Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea Live at the Verbier Festival
For decades now Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin have been playing alongside each other - whether it be jazz or classical music, in the concert hall or in the studio. And there is a meeting of minds particularly when it comes to improvisation as in this live recording of a concert at the Verbier Summer Festival. It presents Bobby McFerrin and The Chick Corea New Trio, including Chick Corea (piano), Avishai Cohen (bass) and Jeff Ballard (drums). The concert demonstrates the spontaneous, but always inspired and congenial musical partnership of two of the greats in contemporary music. Every sequence of their music is unpredictable, even for themselves. In Chick's own words: "We don't know what comes next, we just play."
Directed by Bettina Erhardt – 58’

John Lewis
Bobby McFerrin

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